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The oddest relationship Part 3

Standing on her doorstep was a small, sweet-looking woman. She was bowing while apologising, “So sorree to dis-tub. I was working and cannot coming soona. Sank you so march for looking afta Kenzo. Father no here. Just me and Kenzo. Sank you!” There was a bit more bowing and smiling at Amy who said, “No problem. He’s no trouble at all. Anytime”

The boy followed his Mum out and bowed to Amy before he left (well at least she got a bow from him because he hadn’t said a word to her all afternoon!)

Funnily enough, even though he hadn’t spoken to her, it was nice having him around. Her social life was non-existent and she didn’t think it was possible to meet someone more lonely than her but Kenzo wasn’t just lonely. He had this air of sadness about him, like there was no more light in his life. It made her feel helpless that she couldn’t make him feel any better.

To be continued in Part 4 🙂
Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


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  1. Woo..cannot wait…jojo..what is goin to happen next???

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