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The oddest relationship conclusion

The next day, her doorbell rang and Amy thought it might be a package but it was the boy! He was in his school uniform, hands in his pockets, looking down until she said “Would you like to come in Kenzo? I don’t have any more hot chocolate but I got you some milk” He looked up in surprise and quietly shuffled into into her house (almost as though he had to do it quickly before she changed her mind)

They slipped into a comfortable silence as she fixed him a drink in the kitchen and turned on the cartoon channel for him. He decided not to watch TV. He started sketching beautiful scenes of the country side and a house surrounded by rolling gardens. His mother was in all these scenes but there was never any man in any of his drawings.

Amy started looking forward to Kenzo’s visits. He came almost at the same time every day during the weekdays. It was nice hearing him laugh. She would show him her work and he would offer suggestions, pointing at colours or graphics he liked.

Amy found him very creative. His views were fresh and he understood more English than he spoke so she did most of the talking.

She started dating again and catching up with friends she had lost touch with during her depression. It’s strange how a boy so depressed himself had given her a wake up call. She honestly didn’t realise she was so lonely till he showed up in her life. Interestingly, the fact that she was able to make him smile and laugh again gave her confidence she could make someone else happy.

It was the companionship she missed. She had gone out of her way to avoid everyone thinking that’s what she wanted, to be alone but she was lying to herself. She did want a relationship but the fear of getting hurt and dumped made her avoid getting to know anyone.

The boy’s friendship alone made her realise it was worth the risk. Love is like life. There’s no guarantees. We just have to hop on to the rollercoaster and enjoy the ride! 🙂 Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


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  1. such a heartwarming story!

    may i share it with my friends? ill link it to your page.

  2. hey jojo..i love this story..i mean it..keep it up ok!!! cheers… 🙂

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