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Ghost in the Home Part 2

When Jayse finished his supper, he waved goodnight to his maid while retiring into his bedroom. She had that silly smile on her face again, almost shy-looking. He was too tired to understand it.

In the morning at breakfast, his Mum asked him, “so did you sleep well?” But he was too busy reading the paper, “so how was it??” she asked in a teasing tone.

Jayse was confused, “how was what?” And that’s when she got impatient, “Stop beating around the bush. You usually tell me everything. Who’s the girl?”

“What?? I don’t know what you’re talking about Mum. There’s no girl. You know I’ve been looking. I would’ve told you if I’d found someone”

His Mum patiently explained, “our maid said you came home really late last night with a girl. She even described what she was wearing. She couldn’t understand why you didn’t introduce her”

“What???” The hairs on his arm stood up. There was absolutely no way that was possible. He came home alone.

His Mum noticed Jayse’s car was parked with the passenger door right next to the tree. Unless this mystery girl climbed out from the driver’s side, he definitely came home alone. She shuddered at the details her maid had remembered about the girl, down to her brownish hair.

Jayse went looking for the maid to tell her that she was mistaken. He had come home alone. She was shaking her head in disbelief. When she realised that he was trying to tell her she had seen a ghost, she went pale, “how can it be? I was smiling at her. She looks about 22 or 23, quite young. I smiled at this girl. Don’t you remember?”

Ah, that’s why she looked so shy. She wasn’t smiling at him. She was smiling at this ‘girl’ with him. The maid said, “She was wearing an ankle bracelet. When she walked, it made a sound like small bells ringing. I could hear the bells even after you closed the door. She followed you in to your room”

Jayse said, “I need you to check for me if she’s still there. I want my bedroom back!” He was freaked out!

To be continued…
Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


5 Responses to “Ghost in the Home Part 2”

  1. This is so scary. I’m having goose bumps. =S

  2. damn! this is scary! And i read this at 4 am and i’m alone in my house.

  3. ok, now i can’t wait for the next part..

  4. That’s why mum always hates it when I come home late. Now I know

  5. Suspense…….*goose bumps rising*…..

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