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Ghost in the Home Part 3

Well, as it turns out, the maid quit coz she was so freaked out. Jayse would never know if the girl lingered on in his bedroom or left. He never saw her though he heard his name being called when he was alone downstairs. He was watching TV one night and his name was whispered with the same intonation his mother and brothers use when calling his name. He didn’t turn around but firmly asked for it to please go away, while praying at the same time.

This name calling happened every so often out of thin air. He would hear his name spoken clearly even though there was no one in the living room. Sometimes, it was accompanied by a hand on his shoulder but he never turned around.

Incredibly, he started to lose the fear of being called because it happened so many times. He just asked for him/her to leave and he would carry on watching TV. Wow, I’m not sure I could do that.

It is believed that fear feeds off fear so it’s better to remain calm, have faith and not give your power away.

I have a personal story I would like to share which makes me question whether “ghosts” can move objects or things around because something happened in my home some time back which really shocked me. I didn’t want to believe it but it defied logical explanation. I’m blogging right now about it. That’s my next story. Till my next post, do let me know if you think “they” can move physical objects around? 🙂 Jojo Struys
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3 Responses to “Ghost in the Home Part 3”

  1. I had experienced ghost touching my shoulder and my leg. That happened during ChingMing & Ghost month only. My bedroom door will occasionally open & shut by itself. Even my dog somtimes refuse to enter my bedroom. Now in my present house, noise created by table & chair pulling are the norm during midnite but nobody staying upstairs.

  2. do u actually believe in isolation when home alone? somehow late at nite, in my study room…i always feel someone standing behind me…close enough to smell their scent…at times almost see a white reflection off a dark screen…and each time i turn around…shes gone…can they really run that fast?!

  3. You keep me on the edge of my seat, Jojo!

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