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OMG! Can ghosts move objects coz I can’t explain this!

I used to flat out in a place my friends would call creepy. Beautiful but creepy. It had wooden floorboards and it looked like a minimal art gallery. Long corridors, white wooden shutter windows, mood lit lamps in the corners and a balcony facing a forest.

One night, 2 of my friends visited me and one of their phones was ringing. When she saw who it was from, she was puzzled “why are you mis calling me? I’m right here” she asked her friend. The odd thing is her friend had left her phone in the car downstairs so how was it making that phone call? Plus, the time code was wrong (yet every other call on her phone was recorded at the right time).

Things were also physically moved which made no sense. For instance, when I wanted to walk the dogs, I found their leashes in the wastepaper bin. There’s no way any of us, including the maid, would’ve done that.

On one occassion, my Mum was picking me up and while waiting for me to come down the stairs, her car doors locked by themselves.

My friends recommended for a monk to come in and pray/bless the house. I also bought a rosary and left it on the ledge. I wasn’t taking any chances coz the fact “it” could move things around thr home made me uneasy. Ok, REALLY REALLY uneasy. And it didn’t help my dogs would bark with such intensity into thin air. Made me wonder what they were barking at.

Anyway, the monk arrived one morning and was solidly chanting for almost an hour, deep in prayer. When he was was finished, he sprayed holy water in every room and left.

Right after he left, the taps were running though no one turned them on and to my shock, I discovered that a room in the back with nothing in it except for a clothes line, and my dogs in it had the cement tiles lifted off the ground.

So picture this. It was a square room with cement tiles and the tiles in the middle of the room had popped up as if something from the ground was coming right through the house.

My dogs had peed in the room too though they usually do everything outside, not in the house (all this happened in the space of an hour while the monk was chanting). I would give anything to find out what they saw because they were there when it happened but of course our dogs can’t “talk” to us.

Call me chicken but I seriously didn’t have the guts to sleep in that big house alone after the tile lifting incident. It was just too much for me.

I moved out before the lease expired. This happened ages ago and thankfully, nothing like that ever since *phew*

From what Buddhists believe, some spirits are trapped between worlds still clinging to this material world. They haven’t moved on because they are still attached to their things, their relationships, their previous lives. It’s probably a good idea to send them love and light and wish them well because they’re probably suffering. Well, that’s what I promise I would do after the hysterics coz if I saw anything that wasn’t there, I would scream first for sure! 😉 Jojo Struys
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10 Responses to “OMG! Can ghosts move objects coz I can’t explain this!”

  1. Anoint the house with the oil and cast out demons through the name of Jesus. 🙂

    Although I’ve never experienced it but I’ve heard countless testimonies about it 🙂

    Be it spirit, gin, lembaga, or whatever it is.. if that thing has a name, it has to bow down to the name of the Lord 🙂

  2. They can move things. I and my wife had several encounters with them. Last month, I had another encounter. Lesson learned, never keep a room or an area dark for long period. Always allow sunlight or fresh air to ventilate the room or area.

  3. tat’s pretty scary. which reminds me of a story, a friend of mine stayed in a hotel and while she ws sleeping, she heard someone knocking on her room door in d mid of d nite. she went to peep but saw no one and thought someone was playing a prank. she decided to go back to bed but the knocks kept coming back n slowly turned vigorously. she ignored it and next day went to complain to the hotel manager. both went to the security office to watch the security camera playback and discovered that at that time the knockings was going on, no one was standing at the door. oh well, she checked out immediately. lol

  4. It wasn’t a spirit. It was a gin. I can see them sometimes. They do those things to harass you and yes they can hurt you. Best be mindful of their actions. Although it will drain them considerably to manifest or cause movements to physical objects, they will not hesitate to do it if they have an objective to do so. The monk’s chanting would do next to nothing to deter them. Any reactions to the chanting was purely dramatical play for you to believe that they were spirits and to engage you further into thought of their actions. This is not recommended. Do as little as possible to engage them and do not read literally into their reactions as they would want you to think a certain thought or idea given their actions i.e bait you into something which is why you must be mindful of their trickery.

  5. I have had the miscall incident too with my girl friend, wasn’t holding and my friend said hey u’re calling me! in the same holiday cabin where my other friends had some creepy experience years ago. about the floor tiles, it will happen when there is too much heat in the room plus poor construction. but then it usually happens in kitchen area…. lah.

  6. Wow…I would say yes, they can move objects :s

  7. You are lucky that the spirits or the ghost did not harm you and you can move out. Count your blessing. It was a strong spirit.

  8. I remember this Jo. I was there to help u pack and your mum was like “did u feel it…he is close by”!!!

  9. creepy.luckily tho u’ve moved out to a new house..not as haunted as that house. 🙂

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