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I LOVE Penang!

The last time I was in Penang was to do a charity fashion show so I really didn’t get to explore it. I was in Queensbay mall all day and had to fly back to KL the next day.

This time round, I had a chance to interview a traditional medicine expert on his organic farm nestled in the hills 1000ft above sea level and it amazed me how beautiful Penang was.

Just seeing the sea was such a nice change from KL. They seem to have a bit of everything. They have good food, old heritage buildings (see the olden window behind me in this photo) which brings you back to a colonial era, and a pace of life which is not too fast, not too slow.

And oh, is it just me or did you guys always know what Pulau Pinang stands for? I can’t believe I just found out that it means the island of Beetlenuts! I didn’t know!

Anyways, I’ve gotta run. They’re calling me back to set. This new food show I’ve been shooting has been pretty full on but I’m learning heaps!!

The good and bad thing about being on a food set is like being surrounded by temptation 24/7. Aiyo, I’m always eating, always food tasting what the chef has created (coz u gotta taste everything ma). Hope I don’t get toooo fat shooting this show haha

Ok, really2 gotta dash! Laters
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8 Responses to “I LOVE Penang!”

  1. Hi, I met you while you were filming in Teluk Bahang, i was the Indian boy working there who asked to take a picture with you in the Garden.
    Sorry, was pretty starstruck and started babbling, which i guess you might have noticed.. *blush*
    But it was nice to meet you, after all these years, seeing you in mags, on Kopitiam(in which the character you played scaring me at times), Chicken rice wars! then dengar di radio pulak and reading your articles in the paper.
    Take Care! šŸ™‚

  2. will off to penang this 7th aug šŸ˜€
    yeay.. !

  3. Hehe, I see that you got dressed traditionally to interview a traditional medicine expert!

  4. I love Penang too! I drove my friend’s car up the expressway from KL, we got into Georgetown around 9.30pm and we couldn’t find the hotel, so she got out and asked some locals. After a few minutes, she jumped back in the car and told me, “follow that guy on the motorbike”… hahaha, he went so fast and I was so afraid I might have a smash in her brand-new Satria! Luckily we made it in one piece!

  5. i love Peneng too…n i love u JoJo… = )

  6. Oh shyuckzzz… missed da chance 2 get your autograph :-p

  7. i luv Penang too, but i luv their Penang laksa,much much more,wooo,yumy yumy,cant carry on saliva flowing out LOL

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