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My personal list of pros and cons for shooting a food show

I had a fabulous time in Penang shooting alongside a European chef who taught me heaps abt food. Made me realise it was pretty much a science because he studied molecular cooking. Yup, I’m serious. He was just this fountain of knowledge. I’d tell you his name but we’re only half way through production so I’ll save it for later (all will be revealed in good time! 🙂

Anyway, my personal list of pros on doing a food show are:

1) Knowledge and more knowledge! Every chef is different but you start to realise there are many ways to cook a single dish.

2) It broadens your horizons because you end up trying so many different kinds of food. I ate dishes I would never order and was pleasantly surprised.

3) I’ve never shot a show strictly dedicated to food so it’s always nice to spread my wings into another genre.

4) Everyone loves good food. It’s something a lot of us are passionate about. It was nice seeing my whole crew get excited too when the dish was done. Gosh, we finished off every delicious “prop” on the show haha 🙂

The list of pros is fairly endless but here are the cons:

1) You eat too much! It’s hard to resist. You know the saying, “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips” Well, too bad! Home cooked food by a great chef doesn’t happen every day so I just had to eat everything! It was so indulgent.

2) It’s hard eating “normal” food after being spoiled by such fine food for a whole week!

3) Makes you want to start cooking like a chef yourself but it’s not realistic. Chefs are professionals. They spend A LOT of time learning, practising and getting everything right to be so consistent. I don’t have that sort of time so guess I’ll just be the social cook 🙂

I had a different learning curve on set this time and I love learning new things so I can’t think of anymore cons so that’s that! Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


3 Responses to “My personal list of pros and cons for shooting a food show”

  1. please cast me in food showwwww

  2. At the moment I’m being amazed by Japanese food and the meticulous preparation and presentation involved. Maybe you should come to Kyoto and host a show from here about Japanese food!

  3. Best part is that they dont have to do the cleaning ;p

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