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Met a total a**hole while walking my dogs!

It was about 7am, still really dark and all my dogs were leashed. A German Expat with a really tiny dog walked past me on the footpath (ironic really for such an angry personality. His dog was so small it looked like a large hamster!)

Anyway, while the dog was strolling past, Pickle suddenly bolted toward his dog. The lead slipped out of my hands.

The man tried to grab the end of Pickle’s lead to stop her from chasing his precious, snowy white little dog. In frustration, he threw his body over Pickle (who’s just a small pug trying to play with his dog).

Seeing him rugby tackle my dog didn’t alarm me. It was how he gave her back to me. You see, it was so dark I couldn’t really see his face. I honestly had no idea how mean this man was.

When he finally got hold of the lead, he roughly shoved it my way as though he was throwing it at me. My brain didn’t register the fact that Pickle was dangling in thin air. He was hanging her like a rag doll to return my dog to me. This all happened in a matter of seconds so ofcourse Pickle was alright but wtf????

Crazily, I mumbled “sorry, sorry” and this man looked me in the eye, pointed an angry finger near my face and said “not good enough. Unforgivable! Look where you’re going next time” and he stomped off with his tiny white dog.

OMG!!! I was so shaken by how rude he was that it took a while for his cruel treatment of my dog to sink in. I couldn’t even say anything as I watched his back disappear round the bend. It was too late. He vanished into the morning mist. What a man!

I haven’t seen him in the park since and I pity his dog, wife (if he has one) and anyone who works with this irate, impatient, awful man.

If he could do this so heartlessly to a dog over such a small thing, makes me shudder to think what he would do if big things went wrong. This guy’s seriously got anger management issues.

Don’t know if it’s happened to you where you feel something is happening before your eyes and you wished you said something but you said nothing! I can’t believe I apologized to him!

However, as I was trying to calm down in the car, I did the opposite of what one might do in a situation like this. I found myself sending him good thoughts. Sure, it wasn’t easy but when you send out “love” to someone you’re pissed off with or intensely dislike, it releases you from feeling so bad about a situation.

Some people may find this too difficult to do but it makes sense. When you’re angry with someone, you’re the one who’s suffering so what’s the point? It’s better to let it go. Why should I let this horrid man get under my skin? Just not worth it. Well, I hope I don’t run into that a**hole again but I’m sure he would be surprised to know that I sent him “positivity and compassion” Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


10 Responses to “Met a total a**hole while walking my dogs!”

  1. Hope the dogs are well now.

  2. reacting like from tuesday with morey?

  3. You have a strong anger management ar =)

    Look at the brightside~!

  4. Very happy to know of someone who shares the same principle as me on meeting negative, angry people who gets on your nerves. Not easy to forgive and forget, least to wish them well. It’s what we called “garbage truck” in our trainings.

  5. Hey Neighbor! I see your doggies very often… I know they really enjoy their walks =)

    Really sad to see fellow DPCians behaving like that… But you did a really hard and super good thing to send out the positiveness… šŸ˜‰

    either an Austrian or German guy lives next to me, but he only has 2 pitbulls (not white). Nice, quiet guy. So I don’t think he’s your man. =P

    • What a small world! pls do come say hi if you see me again. The guy you’re referring to has 2 black n white dogs right? He’s lovely. It’s def not him. His dogs are part bulldog, part terrier, I think if we r referring to the same guy.

  6. It’s not like Pickle bit his dog or did anything bad, bolting may just be another way of saying “hello” .. oh well .. and that’s DPC! šŸ™‚

  7. Good for you Jojo. Bloody Germans….

  8. wtfffff. he’s such a barbarian! šŸ˜¦
    good thing pickle aint too shaken.

    how did u know he was german if u cudnt see his face btw? his accent babe?

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