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If you’re in a relationship that makes u feel insecure abt how you look…

There was a guy I knew who used to hold his girlfriend’s hand with great pride whenever she was dolled up but he wasn’t as eager to hold her hand when she was dressed down with no make-up. She noticed this so she wore make up at all times coz she became insecure about her appearance. Kinda sad really. There has to be more to any relationship than just looks!

It bothers me too if I date someone who needs my face to be picture perfect coz it’s not real life. I would hate to feel pressure to look a certain way so sometimes I do the opposite on dates.

I dress down if I’m really interested in someone (I showed up in slippers and no make up at all for one of my longest relationships) because ultimately, I need to be with someone who I can completely be myself with.

If yourself in the flesh isn’t good enough for him/her, then it never will be. You’re better off looking for someone who really connects with you and genuinely likes you for YOU! 🙂 Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


6 Responses to “If you’re in a relationship that makes u feel insecure abt how you look…”

  1. jojo, do you think that it would be a little different if the the guy in question was holding your hand instead?

    you mean you’ve actually come across guys who expect your face to be picture perfect on a date?

  2. That’s so true! I’ve always thought that if a guy doesn’t like you if you’re not dressed up, then he isn’t worth dressing up for. (kinda paradoxal, but that’s the way it is…)

  3. I am being ticked off by my wife for being too casual but I am still holding her hand while we are out and in the house too…

  4. I prefer women who wear no makeup and who dress down. That way, I can see if they really are beautiful…

  5. That is so true. A person cant be having make up and dress up like a supermodel all the time. Same goes to guys who wear suits, waxed chests and legs.. comeon.. be real.

  6. Somehow I have got this fetish on plain T-shirt with jeans (pants)and high heels…dont ask me why but i just fine them sexy…perhaps I just love casuals…but u surely look good with or without make-up

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