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These diff hair-dos make me look like a diff person!

My hair has always been super straight. I know, I know. I can hear the admonishing voices of my girlfriends saying, “Well, don’t complain. People go through re-bonding just to have straight hair!” The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems having straight hair. In fact, it’s really easy to maintain.

Now, I’m not about to go out and perm it but having sudden volume or wispy curls can create different looks and different moods. In this line of work, we are constantly transformed by the wonders of make up and hair styles. My father once walked right past me in a shopping centre as I was waving at him because he didn’t recognize me. He looked behind him and I said “Dad! It’s me. My hair’s different, that’s all!” haha

When good make up artists, photographers and hair stylists come together, they can truly create a work of art. Not to mention it’s really fun to experiment with different looks. In this fashion shot, I was only wearing duct tape all over my chest and I was dreading removing it when I got home *wince* The things we do for fashion eh? The funny thing is I slept with this hair do and it was still piled on top of my head when I woke up! haha 😉 Anyway, I got a call from an event company who asked me if I would be interested in reviewing Schwarzkopf Professional’s new OSIS range. I couldn’t believe my luck! As you know, I hardly do product reviews but I’ve been using their products for years. I’ve always remembered this company for its near impossible name to spell but that’s also what makes them so distinctive haha so I was happy to check it out!

This is Curl Me Soft. For a person with straight hair, I was drawn to this first. You only need a small amount on damp hair, then blow dry on medium heat or you’ll end up looking like how I did on the cover of Oxygen lol. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but it’s just not practical to be walking around with so much fly away hair. Curl Me Soft helps to define the curls.

For something more radical or avant garde, you could try backcombing your hair and twisting it here and there, securing it with pins and hair spray. I look nothing like myself in this shot but that’s the whole point. We can completely transform ourselves by putting all the hair up, not forgetting the make up that goes with it (thank you Annie Lim!).

For a hairstyle like this, you could first use Hold Miracle mousse on damp hair. You only need a small amount. This mousse is ultra strong. Notice the number on the can says 4 which is the level of control (1 being the lightest and 4 being the strongest) This mousse can also help to keep curls in place so they don’t untangle or fly away. The Freeze Finish at the end helps to hold the hairstyle in place. It also protects your hair from external influences. Don’t worry about how much hairspray you need to use because it washes out easily!

The flexwax is a no4 strength cream wax. You only require a small amount applied on dry hair to add some texture or to mould your hair into whatever shape you’re after (you can get some funky hair styles with short hair). I use only a tiny amount to make my pony tail neat or to keep the short hairs smoothed back for a slick look.

Last but not least, the Shine Duster which is used on dry hair. Since, it’s like white, shiny dust, it makes me feel like a fairy. You basically sprinkle a small amount into the palms, rub together to liquefy and just work it into your hair. It enhances the shimmer of the hair surface. You can even select what you’d like to focus on to emphasize desired strands.

My hairdresser has been telling me not to be afraid of cutting my hair short or changing my look completely. He says, “it’s just hair. It will grow back” so I’ve had hairstyles and colours I wasn’t happy with but I’m glad I experimented. We all need a bit of change now and then. If you’re too afraid to cut your hair, that’s when styling products like these come in handy to help you to create so many different looks without you needing to do anything so drastic.If u feel like experimenting;

OSIS new range of products can now be purchased at:

1) Derrick & Team ( Mid Valley Megamall / Tel: 03-22822788)
2) O’Inno Hair Salon ( TTDI / Tel: 03-77262180)
3) Ivan & Max ( Damansara Perdana / Tel : 03-77105606)
4) 8 Days ( Bukit Bintang / Tel: 03-21424888)
5) Red of Hair ( Setapak / Tel: 03-41496383)

Have fun with your hair! It’s like the clothes we wear. If you’re wearing the same outfit everyday, it becomes your uniform. Don’t be predictable. Kill routine because routine becomes boring after a while! 🙂


7 Responses to “These diff hair-dos make me look like a diff person!”

  1. WOW !!!

  2. u seem to look gorgeous in whatever hair dos =p

    do wonder how u’ll look with super short hair though…

  3. Which one is your fav hairstyle?

  4. U looks more “gorgeous” in straight hair..

  5. and you have damn lotsa hair to work with, naisss

  6. From a man’s perspective, you give out different aura each time u change your hair. The shorter hair makes u look vampy/punkish

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